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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Witches Do and Goblins Too!

Did someone just say "Glitter" would describe some of the Foxxy Moxxy inventory  this  Halloween?  Simply sparkly spooks here at Foxxy Moxxy bring glitter to the night.  Lighted bottles by Cheri Cline and music boxes by Jeanette Miller leave us all spellbound!  Stop by First Friday tonight and check them out........

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun At Foxxy Moxxy's, A Fabulous Gettysburg Boutique

Need Hats, Jewelry, Purses, Or Just Want To Feel Pretty Special?

Here at Foxxy Moxxy, everyone gets special attention, so come out with friends to find a little bit of fun and perhaps some wonderful treasures as well.  You may find Bobbi.....

Or Carol...

And they would love to help you find the perfect gift or last minute piece of jewelry, as sometimes we forget to pack those kinds of things on the way to something like!  Foxxy Moxxy to the Rescue!

Or just stop by to see us Foxxyz like these gals did, wearing their hats around town.  They stopped in for a look see and left after having lots of fun and looking over the merchandise.