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Monday, June 14, 2010

What's In A Name?

Foxxy Moxxy is not your usual acme generic boutique.... Oh no, no, no. 

The Foxxy part goes without saying. There are fabulous, hard working foxxyz in the store, assisting the customers and showing off their artisan wares.

The Moxxy part means SpUnK.  It spells courage in the face of challenge. The women in this Gettysburg boutique are full of it....spunk that is!! Take a look at some of the merchandise found in this spunky Foxxy Den. 

Also, check out the "Fox Spot" to the left where you will see a picture of one of our favorite Foxxy guys.  Many thanks to Foxxy Albert for lending his craftman skills and "can do" attitude before that ninth hour!  


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