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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's In A Name?...Introducing Foxxy Moxxy

Today marks the beginning, the dawning of a new day, as Foxxy Moxxy goes from concept to being Gettysburg's newest chic boutique.  Let the ou~la~la's out 
as the planning unfolds, and the process comes alive, like the whirling & twirling of a parasol in the summer sun. 

Five of the foxxes formulated their plan for fabulousness, as they ironed out some of the details related to the remaining legal mumbo jumbo...... around a table of friendship and food!!  MMM, mmm, hearty soup by Cheri Cline with a tiny bit of sweetness supplied by Bobbi Becker. Yum and fun!

After the work, work, working part of the afternoon, a field trip to center square Gettysburg was on the agenda.  Our host.........Phil Murray. 
History to the left...history to the right...and Foxxy Moxxy history in the making!


Lots of new ideas and creative ingenuity bursting at the seams.  The transformation from old to new will birth a brand new shop with tons of local art and goodies.

Directly from the new digs to the celebration libations! Cheers, as Foxxy Moxxy gets underway. 


bobbi said...

You are the blogging Quuuueeeeeen!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us foxxyz...and for putting my great legs at the top!! :)
bobbo magnifico

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